Hair Preservation

Hair Surgery for Women


20% of my Beverly Hills practice are women. The usual causes for hair loss are genetic mid scalp thinning and post facial plastic surgery hair loss. Post surgical hair loss usually regenerates in 3 to 4 months without treatment. Genetic female pattern hair loss requires medical treatment. Surgical intervention may also be necessary. The success rate is excellent but women need to wait 12 to 18 months for their hair to be long enough to appreciate the results.

UCLA Baldness Cure Reported!


"The hair loss world has been buzzing ever since the news broke that a team of UCLA researchers accidentally cured hair loss in mice....Many people are hopeful that this might help lead to more effective hair loss treatments for men and women....Yvette Taché, Ph.D. and her research team made this hair loss reversing discovery, and believes that this may help people dealing with all forms of hair loss. Only time will tell if this discovery turns out to be helpful in finding effective treatments or even a cure for common male and female pattern hair loss."

The Psychology of Hair Loss in Men


Men can feel a loss of self-confidence, social isolation, timid and inferior. many will avoid mirrors. It is a narcissistic wound that will not heal without intervention. Women are not adverse to bald men but bald men are adverse to themselves. In spite of this only a small percentage (< 5% ) seek treatment. 

Viviscal Supplement Claims Hair Loss Prevention and Hair Growth Results


Just received an email that this product is being recommended by other hair surgeons after successful clinical studies. See what they had to say. “I actually recommend Viviscal for virtually all of my patients. I feel that if you are experiencing thinning hair, the key is starting early intervention and early therapy. The thing that is nice about Viviscal is that it’s a non drug and it is totally safe and totally natural and can be used on men and women. It helps to nourish the hair within. It seems to put the body back into balance. The nutrients have been shown to be enable the hair to grow more efficiently and appear fuller, thicker and healthier." right now the product is only available in drs offices for the professional strength. If you would like to purchase this product, please let me know 

Hair Extensions and Hair Loss


properly applied hair extensions should not cause hair loss. I prefer the individual strands over the weave. The longer the extensions the more traction forces will be applied to the scalp. Big hair with more weight could cause alopecia (hair loss). work with your hair stylist to minimize this issue. if any progressive loss in occurs, daily application for of rogaine foam or liquid applied in between the extensions will be helpful

Will Frequent Shampooing Cause Hair Loss?


Hair loss is caused by genetic predisposition in over 80% of cases. Shampooing is not a cause of hair loss. 10% of your hair is falling out at any time. This phased hair loss is natural and not the related to shampooing or a medical condition. 

Will I Still be Able to Color My Hair?


Yes. Best to stop one week before a procedure and two weeks after. Once the session grows in, you may notice that light color will not be picked up as quickly as before the hair restoration procedure. 

What is Experimental Histogen Therapy for Hair Loss?


Histogen's Hair Stimulating Complex is a liquid formula created by the culturing of newborn cells in a simulated embryonic environment of suspension. Histogen is currently being developed and evaluated as an injectable for hair growth. The formulation have been shown to both stimulate resting hair follicles and induce new follicle formation. I will report to you in the future with its progress. 

Is There a Shampoo for Hair Loss?


Actually no. Some patients tell me that Nioxin Shampoo is effective but there are no scientific studies to confirm as far as I know. Your best option is to use Rogaine liquid or foam topically to prevent further hair loss. 

Will Propecia Regrow Hair?


not really. but it will stop hair loss in over 90% of patients. In addition, hair that is miniaturized will grow in thicker. This will give you more coverage, density and the appearance of more hair.

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