Platelet Rich Plasma (derived from your own blood)



What is Platelet Rich Plasma?


Biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma is a technique that is performed in the query itself and is used for the treatment and prevention of skin aging.


It can be used as therapy alone or together with other treatments.


The plasma is derived from blood, unique for each patient to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and epidermal tissue, resulting in smoother, better quality and luminous skin.


Most patients are likely to improve with this technique since it acts regenerating skin cases not only aging but also facial acne lesions or scars.


Also at level degenerative joints, skin burns or loss after surgery or open wounds by venous ulcers is clearly an effective treatment.


What aesthetic applications has the PRP?


Besides improving the texture and skin tone generation by the collagen, the platelet-rich plasma can be a treatment for acne blemishes smooth, soften scars, removal of fine wrinkles, being larger its temporal effects that products on the market. In some cases several sessions to really effective results are necessary but results are noticeable after 20 days of the first session.


What Types of Platelet Rich Plasma are there?


The type of treatment applied in each case varies the patient's needs.


• Plasma specific for facial rejuvenation


• Plasma for alopecia on eyebrows or eyelashes or scalp


• Plasma for trauma degenerative processes


• Recovery of skin on skin wounds


• Venous ulcers


The technique of PRP for facial rejuvenation


The technique PRP facial rejuvenation uses the body's own power to benefit our own skin, improve its texture and tone.


Through a blood sample, and subjecting it to a new and aseptic processing, we can get the maximum number of platelets in your blood, which then introduce into your skin like mesotherapy injection greatly stimulating collagen formation.


The PRP facial rejuvenation is designed for you specifically and products produced by you. Due to their autologous nature does not create an immune reaction to foreign body without risk of allergic reaction.


What's new in our treatment of platelet-rich plasma?


This technique has long been in the market, but the technique we use is completely new in Spain and particularly in Madrid: GLO PRP.


Glo PRP is a system for the preparation of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), simple, safe and effective highly concentrated PRP.


What are the benefits of PRP?


• Security is a platelet collection kit favoring maniplación process, avoiding exposure of the blood to the environment, and being manipulated in a sterile environment. The systems used until now had materials (pipettes, ..) that may expose blood handling environmental factors, increasing the risk of infection. GLO PRP to obtain platelet rich plasma, reduces risks.


• Effective: The platelet concentrate obtained by double centrifugation technique GLO PRP is higher than in traditional techniques. With respect to the traditional techniques it is in some cases three times, meaning that extraction with 10cc of blood reaches obtain the same number of platelets in treated blood 30cc traditionally. This means greater safety and efficacy in the treatment of Platelet Rich Plasma.


• You can get a "serum" autologous that will be provided for topical application to the skin, like any other artificial serum.


The treatment


As we mentioned, therapy PRP is a treatment that is easily done in consultation.


We proceed to the taking of blood from the patient by injection as a blood test.


It then proceeds to the application of centrifugation. In our center we apply the GGLO method allows a higher concentration and purity of plasma. With this method we get only 10 cubic centimeters of blood purity and efficiency than the traditional method in 30 cc.


By blood processing is performed for the patient plasma usually has an anesthetic mask to decrease the discomfort generated in positioning the plasma in the facial area.


The results


The results are not seen immediately but must wait at least a week and peak at 20-30 days


Retreatment after 3 weeks is generally recommended. And keep a periodicity of six months.


Logically each patient must assess the degree of aging and change the pattern according to each skin.


This type of treatment can be combined with other therapies and especially radiofrequency increases collagen stimulating local and physical treatments such as dermabrasion peeling diamond tipped or laser ablative or not.


After treatment, FAQs


During application usually notice a slight stinging in the treated area that is accompanied by redness and heat. This biological process is the key to warming stimulating fibroblast production and the start of regeneration.


In the days we recommend applying arnica creams to prevent small bumps on the injection sites in neck and chest.


Digital massage is also recommended in areas of thinner skin.


The redness disappears after a few minutes and can make life almost normal.


The day of the application of plasma is not recommended sunbathing or creams applied directly to avoid any local infection.


After therapy is not advised to go to saunas or gym for immediate aftermath.

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